Write to your MP

Contact your MP and get them to pressure the UK government to make representations to the Indian government. You can find out who your MP is here. Then modify the text below as you see fit, and email it to them.

If you live in the US, Australia or Canada, you can use this tool created by Stand with Kashmir to get in touch with your elected representative.

Dear ____,

I hope this finds you well. I’m writing as a _____ constituent to express my dismay at recent events in Indian-controlled Kashmir. As you will know, on Sunday August 5 the Indian government revoked Article 370, the constitutional provision that grants autonomy to Jammu and Kashmir. They did so without consulting the Kashmiri people, while placing all Kashmiri leaders (even those from pro-Indian parties) under house arrest. At the same time they imposed a strict curfew and complete communications blackout on the civilian population, which is still in force. Kashmiris have been prisoners in their own homes since then.

The revocation of Article 370 turns India into a colonial occupier. In the past weeks it has moved 35,000 additional troops into the valley, already the most heavily militarised place on earth. Protests last Friday were met with deadly force, their existence denied by the Indian state, despite the existence of footage verified by the BBC. Members of wider civil society, including journalists, activists, businessmen and academics are now being arrested. These are worrying developments: the Indian security forces have complete immunity from prosecution for violations of human rights. As the UNHCR found in 2018, the Indian state has a long history of gross human rights abuses in Kashmir, including committing massacres, torture, mass rape and enforced disappearances.

We are now at the stage where Narendra Modi, known for his complicity in the 2002 Gujarat pogroms, has a free hand to ethnically cleanse Muslims in Kashmir under the guise of ‘development’ and fighting terrorism. His government’s actions threaten Indian democracy, the constitution and the rule of law. They further endanger India’s Muslim minority, already terrorised by a wave of lynching aided and abetted by state governments and by juries that turn a blind eye. The revocation of Kashmir’s autonomy also threatens to destabilise the region, increasing the threat of war with Pakistan, and with it, the risk of nuclear conflict.

The British government cannot sit idly by. Britain created the Kashmir problem with its policies of divide and rule and extreme carelessness over partition. Now it must play its part in ensuring the safety and basic rights of Kashmiris. It must press the Indian government to lift the curfew, remove the communications ban, release political prisoners and reverse the revocation of Article 370. It must also affirm the right for Kashmiris to determine their political future, as guaranteed by the United Nations.

As you may know, Debbie Abrahams MP, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Kashmir, has written to the Foreign Secretary to express concern and ask what representations have been made to the Indian Government. Many other MPs have followed suit. If you have not done so already, I urge you to contact the Foreign Secretary and the Prime Minister about this issue as a matter of urgency. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,