Debating Kashmir without Kashmiri voices erases their agency: Urge Oxford Union to cancel the debate on Kashmir

Scholars have written to the Oxford Union and the University Vice-Chancellor criticising the ‘Kashmir Head-to-Head’ debate scheduled for 30th October 2019. One of the two speakers is the spokesperson for the BJP, and neither of the speakers are from Kashmir.

The letter states “Inviting two Indian speakers to debate the “crisis in Kashmir”, while the people of Kashmir are denied the basic rights to express themselves freely is to add insult to already grievous injury. It strips the people of Kashmir of their agency, extending the paternalistic, neo-colonial attitudes expressed by the Indian government’s communications blackout to Oxford. “

The concerned scholars have urged the Union and university to cancel the event. “Failing that, we urge the Union to invite Kashmiris to discuss the issues tackled on by this debate with the Union membership instead of debating the plight of the people of Jammu and Kashmir in their absence.”

Read the full letter here.

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